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I need a solution to create the meal plans for me and help me manage my special diet.

In the beginning it was difficult to cut on sugar and carbs, but with moderation I could stop my insulin resistance.
- Esther H.

I could use a solution to ease the cooking hustle.

Today cooking became my new passion and a way of relaxation
- Wayne B.

Looking for a solution to plan my strict meals and manage my diet…

My doctor recommended a really strict diet that does not allow me to consume more than 30 grams of carbs at once.
- Gaya S.

I would like to have a solution for managing the meals where I could include my family’s preferences and allergies.

I am a mother of 2 children,learning to cope with their allergies so I have to plan everything very much in advance.
- Evelyn V.
  • Diet related sicknesses
  • Family mealplanning challenges
  • Weight loss and body goals

A Modern Solution, Mealplanning Made Easy

4000+ Recipes

Manage Goals

Ready-to-Use Mealplans

Recipe Analyzer

Health Blog

  • Upload and share your own recipes
  • Get recommended recipes based on your preferences
  • Create your own personal recipe book
  • Take control of your diet with tailor-made mealplanning
  • Create shopping lists from your recipes and mealplans
  • Log and monitor your blood glucose levels
  • Input and review your personal health data
  • Find nearby nutritionists for dietary assistance
  • Health tracking integration with IOT and smart devices

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