Lactose free diet

1861 kCal / day


If you are lactose intolerant or trying to maintain a lactose-free diet, this weekly plan is just for you with its lactose-free recipe structure.

Mealplan Overview

Weekly Overview

Daily Overview

1861 kCal / day

Average Daily Intake - These values are based on the recommended daily intake of a 2000 kCal diet

106% Protein141% Fat & Essential oils74% Carbohydrate
Weekday BreakfastMorning snackLunchAfternoon snackDinner
Monday Baked eggs with basil sauceWhole-grain bread Pea hummus with fresh vegetables Chicken coconut soup Energy bars Pasta with vegetable ragout
Tuesday Avocado on toast Banana shake with pine nuts Warm chickpea salad with Black Forest Ham, sun-dried tomatoes, and wild garlic pestoRucola salad Strawberry cashews muffin Cod fillet baked on pepper risotto
Wednesday Blueberry coconut porridge Grape with pecans Baked potatoes with chanterelle mushroomsSteamed wild rice Banana-raspberry smoothie Chicken with avocado oil and lemonBrussels sprouts with almond and cranberries
Thursday Tomato bruschetta Goji Berries, Nuts and seeds Warm salad with sautéed endive, onions, and pine nuts Mango and kiwi salad Gratin of pumpkin pasta and minced meat
Friday Baby spinach salad with citrus fruits Cheddar with pear and walnuts Dill and lemon bulgur with salmon Banana rolls Lentil soup
Saturday Stuffed Omelette Citrus smoothie Bacon-wrapped chicken breastsGreen peas and carrot salad Granola "cookie" Stir-fried vegetables with fish filletBaked beetroot with arugula and orange
Sunday Coconut-cinnamon pancakes Takeaway salad Root vegetables cream soupRoasted sweet potatoesStuffed pork with apples and chestnuts Healthy avocado, banana, lemon and raspberry pie Colourful couscous