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Who Are We?

FoodToDo is committed to help eliminate diet related, non-communicable diseases. We want to empower people to take control of their diet and health with high tech, easy-to-use applications.

FoodToDo provides a platform to help nutrition professionals better manage their practice.

It provides a valuable resource for people who want to cook nutritious meals, track their health goals and receive professional dietary advice.

With the vast array of dietary information available online, it can be difficult to separate fact from fiction. This is why we are committed to an evidence-based approach. We cut through the jargon to provide you with the information you need to be healthy.

Our recipes and meal plans show you how a daily diet can be both tasty and healthy.

The FoodToDo team lives by the values it promotes - we embrace a healthy diet and lifestyle!

Our Nutrition Solutions


For individuals and Families

FoodToDo has been created for health-conscious families and individuals or those wishing to address diet-related concerns.

899 /MO

incl VAT
  • Personalized Meal Planning

  • Recipes and Meal Plans for various health conditions

  • Connect with a nutritionist or diet-related professional

  • Coming Soon
  • Health Data Management

  • Shopping List Integration

  • Restaurant Locator

  • Health Recommendations fitting to your needs

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FoodToDo Pro

For Diet-Related Professionals

FoodToDo Pro is a web-based app, tailored for nutrition professionals who wish to digitize their practice. We help professionals to connect with clients and monitor their progress.

4900 /YR

excl VAT
  • Client Data Management

  • Recipes and Meal Plans for various health conditions

  • Create and Upload your own Recipes and Meal Plans

  • Connect with people in need of nutrition consultancy

  • Coming Soon
  • Appointment System

  • InMail Communication

  • Medical Data Management

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A Few Words From Our Community

FoodToDo aims at solving an important and ambitious aim, that is, how personal health behavior and health outcomes can be monitored simultaneously. These kinds of solutions can have a great impact on public health, if applied widely in the population.

- Mikael FogelholmProfessor for Public Health Nutrition at the University of Helsinki

I have seen many other products, but I have never seen such a complete and useful solution. Congratulations on developing such a product!

- Marcel SmeetsTrustee at the European Nutrition for Health Alliance

Great concept, I am excited to use it on my clients.

- Mark Ballesta BernilChief Dietitian/Nutritionist for The Health Centrum Hospital, Registered Dietitian/Nutritionist at Nestlé

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Corporate Social Responsibility

Working with people from across the world has taught us that an early education about health and food is the key to grow a healthy society. Starting from 2018, we intend to join and establish local programs in the UK, Finland and Hungary to educate children about food and how to cook.