FoodToDo is all about cooking. Cooking with your friends, cooking with your family and cooking with your kids. Cooking for us is passion, love, the quality time we enjoy around the kitchen, a grill or just next to a cutting board.

We truly believe that in the era or internet, computer games, VR, social media people needs the time in the kitchen and around the table to stay human and empahtic to each-other. The kitchen was always the heart of a home and we promote that with our recipes, family cooking and meal plans. We are the invisible help to many mothers to manage their family dieting successfully even if they need to work and keep the family together.

We are mothers and spouses who share their own experiences and creates the solution to our own needs. International mothers and ambassadors from all over the world working together to make family cooking popular again.



Sophie Michelin


“The future is in the hands of our children. As a mother, my number one priority is protect them and every single day I want to work on a project that helps to preserve their future. My way is through healthy nutrition.”

Zsofia Rutkai

Product Owner

“Exploring new meals and creating food is my passion. I am a hobby chef and during my life I also could learn the importance of healthy lifestyle and well being which can be part of one's success. I am happy to be part of creating products that inspire people to live a better and more efficient life.”

Attila Molnar


“My goal is to help people and working as a developer at FoodToDo is a way to do something helpful. Besides this I love to cook so I think this is the best compilation for me.”

Lissa Leader


“I have a passion for nutrition and the positive impact it can make to your overall health. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle and feeling good does not have to be a chore!”