Babyfood cooking method

Babyfood cooking method



Published: 10/5/17

Steaming or cooking? When my daughter started to eat real food, we were travelling a lot abroad. And I could buy a very practical machine from Amazon. I suggest it for all of you. It steams the ingredients and you keep them in the same machine and blend them as well. I loved it. You just need to clean and cut the food, put it in and in 15 minutes the dish will be ready.

Not everybody want to buy this type of machine, so what would be the right cooking method?

Steaming is always the best.

You can steam in a vegetable steamer. Or you can cook them in a pot. The French technique is, that you take a pot, you cut the vegetables or fruits you want to steam you add just a few spoons of liquid, for example baby mineral water, and cover it with a circle of baking paper with a hole in the middle and you steam on a low temperature. It is one of the best ways, because the dish will keep the nutrient value.

Of course you can also cook the vegetables or fruit in water and then mash without water. But in this case most of the nutrient goes into the water and not into the mouth of the child.

Do we need to add spices?

I wouldn’t suggest adding spices. And certainly do not add salt. There's no need to teach the child to eat spicy food. They need to learn the real taste of the ingredients. When you start to add spices, it could be nutmeg (carefully as it is a calmative and make you sleepy), or green spices like rosemary or thyme, oregano or parsley. But you have plenty of time to do so.

How to cook meat?

When the child is 6 months oldd, you can add some chicken. Simply steam together with the vegetables or even cook it in boiling water. No need to add any fat.

Can I use fat?

You don’t really need any fat, but if you decide so, use just a touch of butter or olive oil.

How to mash?

Some suggest always mashing with a fork, so that it is not so creamy and, step by step, when the child has teeth, we can give less and less mashed food. Obviously blenders are making our life easier.