Foodtodo Pro is a web-based app, tailored for nutrition professionals who wish to digitize their practice

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How Can FoodToDo Pro Make Your Life Better?

Foodtodo Pro is a digitized solution that allows you to change the way you interact with your clients and assist with their dietary challenges. From client data management to meal planning templates, automatic recommendations, and smart device integration, FoodToDo Pro is an all-round tool to assist you on a daily basis.

Save Valuable Time

Effectively manage client data

Create meal plans based on thousands of existing recipes or create your own

Easily calculate the nutrient value of your own recipes

Send automated suggestions to your clients based on their health data and progress

Communicate with your clients through a secure phone app and website

Generate More Revenue

Get listed on our “Find a Professional’ platform for users to connect with you

Provide online consultation

Increase your efficiency with digitized solutions

Continuous Professional Development

Stay up to date with the latest news, reports and findings in the industry

Attend webinars and get informed about upcoming events in your region (Coming soon!)

Complete required professional training on our HUB (Coming soon!)

FREE 14-Day Membership

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FoodToDo Pro Product Features

Manage your clients' data through our platform

Over 4,000 recipes suited to various health goals and concerns

Upload and share your own recipes

Nutrient Calculator for foods and recipes

Create meal plans for your clients using your own existing recipes

Food frequency questionnaire to regularly assess your clients' dietary habits

In-app communication system to communicate with your clients and fellow professionals

Collect and utilize information from clients' wearable devices

Keep track of your clients' blood glucose levels

View statistics from your clients' data (coming soon)

Schedule online consultations with your patients (coming soon)

Gain access to the latest reports, events, webinars, and training in our Knowledge Hub (coming soon)

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Our Community Loves Us

FoodToDo aims at solving an important and ambitious aim, that is, how personal health behavior and health outcomes can be monitored simultaneously. These kinds of solutions can have a great impact on public health, if applied widely in the population.

- Mikael FogelholmProfessor for Public Health Nutrition at the University of Helsinki

I have seen many other products, but I have never seen such a complete and useful solution. Congratulations on developing such a product!

- Marcel SmeetsTrustee at the European Nutrition for Health Alliance

Great concept, I am excited to use it on my clients.

- Mark Ballesta BernilChief Dietitian/Nutritionist for The Health Centrum Hospital, Registered Dietitian/Nutritionist at Nestlé

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