Indian Naan Bread, 2 pieces




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500 g all purpose flour

250 g nature yogurt

100 ml lukewarm water

1 tbsp grapeseed oil

1 pinch fresh yeast

1 pinch cane sugar

1 pinch salt

Active time 20 min

Ready in 45 min


Knead all ingredients together until the dough is no longer sticky.

Leave it to rest for half an hour.

Form 8 scoops from the dough.

Use your palms and a rolling pin to flatten them.

Cut small circles.

Grab a Teflon pan.

Fry the circles on high temperature for 2 minutes.

Nutrients (Per Person) These values are based on the recommended daily intake of a 2000 kCal diet

Energy (kcal) 527.11

Protein 16.59 g

Carbohydrate 100.52 g

Of which sugars 5.36 g

Fat 5.35 g

Of which saturates 0.64 g

Fibre 3.44 g

Sodium 148.90 mg

Good Points

Source of Calcium

High in Phosporus

No Saturated Fat

High in Iron

High in Manganese

High in Niacin

High in Phosphorus

High in Riboflavin

High in Folate

High in Selenium

High in Thiamin